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Beatiful Accommodations in Algarve

Casa Mazulis is situated in the beautiful region of Algarve in the south of Portugal. The property is near the historical city of Lagos.
We have fully equipped accommodations and a beautiful garden with a pool, so you can find the space and the calmness to relax.
Being at only 8 km from the city of Lagos and 1 km from Luz, you will find here the perfect place to be in peace and surrounded by nature, while still being close enough to experience all that the city has to offer with its cultural activities, its great restaurants, beautiful shops and, obviously, the famous beaches.
Casa Mazulis is a great place for those who are looking for relaxing holidays with the sound of singing birds.

Holiday Accommodations - Casa Mazulis

We love to make you feel at home.

We have beautiful holiday accommodations to offer you in the sunniest region of Portugal, the Algarve. It´s a great place to relax. Casa Mazulis has three types of accommodation; we have a studio, a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom, all with fully equipped kitchens, and carefully decorated.

At Casa Mazulis you will find the time and the space to relax, listening to the birds while enjoying the pool or the natural surroundings.

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Long Term Renting - Casa do Pintor in Lagos

Check our other accommodations in the city of Lagos

We have a beautifully remodeled 200 year old house, Casa do Pintor, in the historical center of the city of Lagos.
The house is divided in 4 independent and fully equipped accommodations; two studios, a two-bedroom and a beautiful loft

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This Is How It All Began

It was 1982 when i was born. My parent had decided to move from the city of Lisbon to this, at the time, remote piece of land to start a new, more calm and relaxed life.
So, this is where all started to me. Today, when i look at what my parents managed to build here, I'm invaded by feelings of pride. Both of them were and are artists and it was here that they had done most of their great work. Some of the art pieces can be found around the land or decorating the accommodations.

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Algarve - Lagos - Luz

The History, Culture, Food and Ladscape of our beautiful Algarve

Casa Mazulis is located at 8km from one of the most historical city of Algarve, Lagos.
Any direction you take from our property it will drive you to beautiful landscapes, unbelievable beaches, you will find beautiful cliffs with dinosaur footprints, great restaurants and historical places.

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The Beautiful South of Portugal
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